Artistes confirmés
SELINA-1 - copie


Choreographer and Dancer

Selina is an American salsa dancer and choreographer known for her flexibility, isolation, and graceful, ribbon-like movements. She has been hired by the Zafire Ladies franchise (based out of New York City), choreographed to Colombian singer, Shakira's biggest hits, and has been under the mentorship of the world champion Alien Ramirez. When she is not dancing, you can find Selina's nose in a book, hiking, or crafting.




Born by shouting already at the rhythm of a Cameroonian drummer, the chief experimenter of the lab has the music and dance in the skin. As a university judo champion, he also develops a sense of foolproof balance and kinesthetic reflexes that allow him to master not only his own movement but also that of his partner. That's how we arrive at one of the most unbridled passing machines on the Afro-Latin track!
Terrorized by routine, his brain is constantly searching for new moves, whether in salsa or kizomba, his specialties. Do you expect to go left? It will take you right. You thought it would never happen? He shows you the opposite. Are you afraid of litters? It will make you fly without you realizing it. Ladies, let yourself go, hang in there and enjoy the dance, it will be unique! Gentlemen, forget everything you know, open your eyes wide and try to follow what happens if you want to learn!


Armando (Namibia)

CEO "Forever Dance Academy"

Armando João is the founder and director of the Forever Dance Academy In Windhoek, Namibia. A dance school that teaches Kizomba and Semba. He also runs the Kizomba social nights (KSN), hosted every Fridays. A platform where all kizomba enthusiasts and those willing to learn, can come and embrace the dance from Angola.


Mitchell Provence (Netherlands)

Dancer, performer

Mitchell Provence is a dancer and performer educator for over 21 years. He traveled to 45 countries worldwide sharing and expressing his vision, connectedness, awareness of the body and joy through the Afro Latin dance and music scene. He has enjoyed a great deal of training in such disciplines as Afro, Afro Cuban, Afro Contemporary, Mambo, Afro Caribbean through amazing mentors along Frankie Martinez, Sekou McMiller, Joel Cutter, Melissa Rosado to name a few. His mantra is: Movement to your body, awareness to your soul.

DJ BERRY GHANA (2) - copie

DJ BERRY (Ghana-Benin)

Instructor, DJ

Lover of dance and music, Instructor, event organizer and professional DJ, he is known for being one of the best in his field. Resident in Ghana, he runs the school "Dance Academy Gh" where he travels across Africa to spread his passion and build dance scenes. An unconditional supporter of the promotion of African talents, he is the initiative of the "PanAfricanKiz" and "PanAfricanDance" movements that popularize his ideal.

DJ STEVE BENIN (1) - copie

STEVE DJ (Benin)

dancer, teacher, performer

He has many years of experience gained in both Europe and the United States and is the initiator of this event. Real multidisciplinary, he wears with elegance and masterful several hats: dancer, teacher, performer and DJ. His humor and his joie de vivre will contaminate you for sure!

We are waiting for confirmation of the arrival of several other artists who will be happy to make this event a great sharing party